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HEAD to TOE: Expert pre wedding beauty preparation tips.

SKIN - Face

BEFORE THE DAY: Start by booking regular facials once a month in the lead up to the big day. Set a skin care plan with your beautician/dermatologist and stick with the same person through out your preparations. Don't wait till the month before to try anything new ( just in case you have a reaction !)

HOT TIP: Glowing skin starts from within so ahead of your wedding drink plenty of water, get lots of rest and do some light exercise in the morning to keep stress levels down. Eating well and adding lots of fresh produce leading up to the day will not only help your skin glow you will look and feel great from inside out. Try staying away from sugar, and processed foods. Exercise boosts your energy levels and helps clear up your skin as well.

ON THE DAY: Cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise (but avoid any SPF or oils) and use a lip balm on the morning of your preview and on the wedding day.


BEFORE THE DAY: In the months leading up to the day, have regular trims and treatments to keep hair in it's peak condition. You may also want to avoid heat styling tools and hair driers as much as you can. Aim to have your hair trimmed and any usual maintenance around two weeks before the wedding. It is a good idea to stay with your regular hair dresser for any colouring or cutting as it is best to play it safe. If you need to work with a new colourist/stylists please allow ample time to make adjustments if the results are not exactly right.


HAIR STYLING arrive with CLEAN DRY HAIR, with no products and ready for styling.

BLOW WAVE arrive with CLEAN DAMP HAIR with no products and ready for styling.

Please always check with your wedding day stylist if they have any special preparation requests or if your hair has unique requirements.

HOT TIP: Bring your own salon quality shampoo and conditioner with your. Don't rely on the hotel supplied brands as they can play havoc with your hair texture. Also, it is best not to use Pantene or Tresemme shampoo to wash your hair, this makes the hair too slippery and difficult to work with. Avoid anything with silicon as an ingredient.


BEFORE THE DAY: Getting an eyelash tint about 1 week before the wedding for light coloured lashes is a great way to bring your lashes to life.

ON THE DAY: Individual false lashes for extra volume and length are a great idea to really make your eyes stand out. They can be as natural or dramatic as you desire and can be used to changed your eye shape and open the eyes.

HOT TIP: If you plan on having false lashes, do not get a lash lift as the resulting shape makes it very difficult to use false lashes. Talk to your makeup artist about best options at your preview.


BEFORE THE DAY: Choosing a wedding hairstyle is a big decision, staying with a style that feels comfortable for you and works with the nature of your hair is a good option. For example if you have very naturally straight hair, keeping it in a curl is tricky with everything the day can throw at it – heat, humidity, wind, a ride in a convertible car, and the 12 hour wedding day with dancing in to the night. Up style's or half up style's are a good happy medium to ensure your hair will withstand all wedding day challenges. Take the time to talk through suitable hair options during your preview with your stylist.

HOT TIP: When referencing images from online ( Pinterest/Instagram/Magazines & Blogs) for your Hair & Makeup look. Try to select models or celebrities that have similar skin & hair colour to you. This will help the look translate from reference to reality. Eg. Braids are fantastic on Blondes with multi tonal hair, however they just don't work/photograph in the same way on Brunette Hair.

SKIN - Body

BEFORE THE DAY: If you’ve never had a fake/spray tan before, your wedding day is not the time to try it out as it may look orange, patchy or too dark and this will be exaggerated in the photographs. However if you do wish to tan have a trial with the beautician you’ll be using and take photographs to test the colour in the few weeks before the wedding. And if you regularly have a spray tan and you’re happy with the results use the same tanner for your wedding day.

HOT TIP: Dove gradual tanning moisturiser has a lovely subtle hint of colour and sun-kissed feel without being too obvious or collecting in the skin creases as spray tans can do. Make sure you exfoliate & shave to prep skin before tanning, DO NOT WAX before a spray tan or when using lotions at home as this will create an uneven finish.

Make sure to wash off any products from your hands.

WARNING: Be mindful of the sun when you arrive at your sunny destination wedding location. All too often I see brides and their party members getting overly excited to sunbath and ending up with red noses and pealing shoulders on the big day. Also handy to have SPF for your groom & groomsmen on the day if you are having an out door ceremony to avoid bright red shinny faces in your photos.

ON THE DAY: Use any deodorant, perfume, body lotions and hand creams long before you dress in your wedding gown – this will ensure they are fully absorbed.This is obvious but I have seen people make this mistake, DO NOT USE A TAN OR ANY BODY PRODUCTS THAT CAN RUB OFF ON YOUR DRESS !! Also take care when your dress is going on over your head not to disrupt your hair & makeup by using a silk scarf over your head to protect your makeup.


BEFORE THE DAY: DO NOT WAX eyebrows or any facial hair for at least 8-10 days before the preview or the wedding, as this can cause issues with foundation adhering to your skin surface resulting in a very uneven makeup base.

HOT TIP: Tweeze any stays the day before to stop redness on the day.


BEFORE THE DAY: Gently exfoliate once a week with a clean wet tooth brush to remove any dry or cracked skin.

ON THE DAY: Moisturise with a lip balm and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.


BEFORE THE DAY: WHITING - It is amazing what a difference brightening your smile can make, talk to your dentist about the best options for teeth whitening a few months before the day. You may have teeth sensitivity for a few weeks while using treatments, so don't leave it till the last minute.

ON THE DAY: Make sure to brush your teeth before your makeup time slot so you are ready for your makeup artist and that you won't need to brush around your makeup once applied.


BEFORE THE DAY: Booking manicures & pedicures on a monthly basis leading up to the day to ensure your nails are in the best condition is a great way to keep on top of your prep. Use your appointment as opportunity to try out colour options.

ON THE DAY: Do not paint your nails as they will need time to dry properly and this is a day when you want to be free to use your hands and relax without worrying about messing up your polish.

HOT TIP: Have your rings and any jewellery you'll be wearing cleaned the day before to give them an extra sparkle.

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