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Destination Wedding Beauty Survival Kit

Destination Wedding Beauty Must Haves - Ava Belle Hair & Makeup Artist

Your Hair & Makeup artist will be with you on the morning of your wedding, and if you are going all out, they may even stay with you during the day to look after your hair & makeup.

However these are some tips as to what else you might need for your preparations before and after your big day.

Before the day:

Sun Block:

30-50+ Body

30-50+ Face cream for day time, something light that won't make you break out - A must if you plan to get some sun before the day, avoid red noses or pealing shoulders. ( Also a good idea for the groom & groomsmen, no shiny red face's in your photo's )

Light night face moisturiser - No SFP, oil free night before and morning of and night off after

Exfoliator - I love the simplicity of Bi-Carb soda mixed with any foaming face wash or cleanser, mix to a runny paste and very gently use to buff any bumps of dry skin away. ( test on hand first, don't do this for first time day before wedding try a few weeks ahead, don't use if you are on my kind of skin medication or using any acne skin treatments) Great for the whole body

Lip balm - Night before, morning of and night after.

Eye cream - Optional

Cuticle oil & hand cream - Night before, get your hands ready to be photographed.

Body moisturiser - Light and non greasy, put this on well before your dress so it has time to soak in.

Shampoo & Conditioner - Best to bring your own, don't rely on hotel mini's as they may cause havoc with your hair. A good quality salon brand such as REDKEN, Kerastase, Avada, De Lorenzo, Loreal Professional or Kevin Murphy ect... Please don't use Pantene, Tresemme or any other product with silicon, as it makes the hair too slippery to work with. Wash your hair with shampoo only the day before the wedding - discuss with your stylist at your preview if you need conditioner on the ends or not.

On the day :

If your Makeup Artist/ Hair dresser is not saying with you on the day you may need a few things to touch up and handy in case of emergency:

Your favourite lip products

Powder compact

Blotting papers

End of the night makeup removal:

Water proof makeup remover

Cotton rounds

Cotton tips

Face Cleanser

(Face wipes won't cut it for the professional products used )

Soak the cotton round and place over eyes - let the lash glue and mascara melt before gently wiping away (don't pull the lashes off as they may take your natural lashes too)

Then give your face, neck & ears ( yes ears, they will have makeup on them too) a good cleanse with foaming face wash and face cloth.

Finish with a light moisturiser and lip balm

End of the night hair care:

Soft bristle hair brush - I recommend Mason & Peason

Shampoo & Conditioner

At the end of the night, depending on what style you have had, you may need to take all the pins and accessories out to be comfortable, brush though with a soft bristle brush to gently break up any back combing. When you wash your hair - start with Conditioner, then double shampoo, then conditioner.

Brush out gently from tips to roots

Check List:

Sun Block

Light face moisturiser - one with SPF day cream, one without night cream


Lip balm

Cuticle oil & hand cream

Body moisturiser

Your favourite lip products

Powder compact

Blotting papers

Eye cream

Shampoo & Conditioner

Water proof makeup remover

Cotton rounds

Cotton tips

Face Cleanser

Soft bristle hair brush

Other handy things:




Pain killers


Band aids

Mini sewing kit

Hollywood tape

Stain free deodorant

Anti Histamine

Natural Sleeping tablets ( calm your pre wedding nerves )

Photo Credit: Rohan Clinnick - Shanna Melville Gowns

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